Outdoor Living

At Aqua Logistics Pools, we believe that your outdoor space should be an extension of your lifestyle—a place where relaxation and entertainment seamlessly come together. Our Outdoor Living Spaces are meticulously designed to transform your backyard into a haven of tranquility and luxury.

The Aqua Logistics Custom Pools Approach to Outdoor Living

Immerse yourself in a personalized outdoor oasis with Aqua Logistics Pools. Our designs encompass versatile and functional outdoor living, ensuring your space is both inviting and accommodating. From stylish furniture and lighting to thoughtful integration with your landscape, every detail is curated to enhance the overall ambiance of your tranquil luxury retreat.

Outdoor Living Services

How We Transform Your Space


Elevate your outdoor space with the artful touch of hardscaping by Aqua Logistics Pools. Hardscaping goes beyond conventional landscaping, introducing elements such as custom-designed patios, decks, and pathways that define the structural backbone of your outdoor sanctuary.

Shade Structures

Our expert craftsmen combine artistry and functionality, creating custom structures that seamlessly blend with your outdoor environment. Whether you desire the timeless charm of a pergola, the sheltered elegance of a pavilion, or the natural allure of an arbor, we will have you covered.

Outdoor Kitchens

Elevate your outdoor entertaining with state-of-the-art kitchen spaces designed for both functionality and style.  Our outdoor kitchens integrate premium appliances, stylish design, and practical layouts, creating a gourmet experience right in your backyard. 

Firepits and Outdoor Fireplaces

Extend the enchantment of your outdoor space into cooler evenings with Aqua Logistics Pools’ exquisite fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. Our expert craftsmanship ensures not only functional heating but also stunning focal points that enhance the overall atmosphere.

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